The Forgotten aka Falls The Shadow and Zombie Warz

The world has gone to ruins and mankind is on it’s last legs.  There is an infection across the land and the remaining humans travel alone and in packs trying to survive.
We first meet the Reverend, a very sick man indeed who doesn’t really like anyone who isn’t white.  You know he’s an evil twisted SOB as he commands a young black girl to be burnt at the stake.  We then meet Noah, a man wandering the land who meets a young woman named Elena who later on asks him to scrub her back.   As you would imagine Noah doesn’t turn her down, nor would I to be fair.  Michael, his Father in Law Frank who has an axe to grind with the Reverend and a young Mother and her son.  
The film for its low budget pulls off a minor miracle as it looks far more expensive then it is.  Its brutal, nasty and pulls no punches. The acting at times is a little amateurish but overall the performances are just fine.  There are obvious influences from various end of the world movies and The Walking Dead TV show, but like I said its pulled off well.
Whilst watching it I got a Italian apocalypse movie vibe, you know like Endgame and the Fred Williamson ‘classics’ of the early 80’s. Not to everyone’s taste, but it appears a lot of hard work went into making it so well done to everyone involved.  Worth a look if this is sort of your thing.
  • Starring Olivia Bishop  David Eby  Luke Hatmaker
  • Director Steven Berryessa
  • Distributor 101 Films