The Best of RAW: After The Show

As anyone will confirm that if you attend a TV taping of RAW when the show ends for television that isn’t all the show for the paying patrons.  You get usually an extra ‘main event’ and all sorts of shenanigans featuring the WWE roster.  The only way you would know about this is if you actually attend the show or follow the WWE online.  So for the first time, we get to see lots of fun stuff and matches that only the people there that day saw.

Introduced by Renee Young, all the footage is commentary free as the likes of Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole, etc. either had left ringside or sat back and enjoyed the show.  The three disc set is very Attitude Era heavy which is nice as we get see the older guys such as Undertaker (in his biker persona) and Booker T with his short hair.  On disc 3 is where the matches are there are all sorts on offer featuring the likes of Cena, Punk, HHH, Orton and a guy I really miss, Edge.

There is a massive presence of Stone Cold complete with his beers and a pre-Hollywood Dwayne Johnson showing that even at an early age he was pure gold.  The blu-ray features a few extra bits and bobs as per normal and all round its a nice package.  However due to it being Attitude heavy, a few younger fans may not ‘get it’ but for an old fart like me its pretty fine stuff.

  • Starring Bill Goldberg  Lita  Vince McMahon  Shane McMahon  Big Show
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle