Trancers 4: Jack of Swords / Trancers 5: Sudden Deth

Jack Deth is now back in the future and a Trancer trouble shooter working alongside the great android Shark (Trancers 3).  Shark is unfortunately no more and due to a mishap in the time travelling TCL Chamber, Jack finds himself in a mystical land called Orpheus ruled with an iron fist by Lord Calaban and his noble Trancers.

Jack finds allies in the group of rebels called the tunnel rats and they plot to overthrow Caliban and his cronies.  In this world, Jack’s handy weapons don’t work quite right and he has to use all his skills as the Trancer hunter par excellence to defeat the bad guys.

These were the final Tim Thomerson adventures and were both were shot back to back in Romania in a very familar castle setting (Subspecies series).  We get a cliff hanger ending for Part 4 and Part 5 continues where the previous film ended.  Does this work?  Well yes and no is the answer, there is some padding for the running time but both films are very enjoyable.  Thomerson is always terrific and owns every scene he is in.  Throw in a couple of good looking ladies, a menacing villain and you can’t really go wrong.  The director of these two is one David Nutter, who later made many fine episodes of The X Files and now works on Game of Thrones.

The new DVD covers retain the original artwork from the old Paramount releases.  They can be picked up pretty cheap as can all the series including Part 6 which featured Jack’s daughter and Thomerson in old footage on a TV which was made on a budget which would probably cover the price of a Happy Meal.

Jack Deth kicks ass and always will.

  • Starring Tim Thomerson  Stacie Randall  Clabe Hartley  Stephen Macht
  • Director David Nutter
  • Distributor Full Moon Features