Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings

There was once a little deformed boy called Tommy who lived in the woods and was tendered to by an old woman known as Miss Osie.  Some of the local boys one day tormented, attacked and then murdered him.  We fast forward 35 years and some high school kids accidentally release the vengeance demon Pumpkinhead and all hell breaks loose.

You see old Pumpkinhead likes his vengeance served up in violent ways and soon the hillbillies start dying.  Investigating the murders is big city cop Sheriff Braddock who has come back to his home town for some peace and quiet, he certainly isn’t getting any of that.

The follow-up to Stan Winston’s thoughtful horror classic has a great cast which includes Andrew (Scorpio from Dirty Harry) Robinson, Ami (daughter of Micky) Dolenz, Roger (half brother of Bill) Clinton, Steve (Ray Krebbs from Dallas) Kanaly, Linnea (Creepozoids) Quigley, Gloria (Live and Let Die) Hendry and Kane (Jason) Hodder.  It’s obvious that the budget is no way as much as the original but it’s shot well with some great editing and POV shots of Pumpkinhead himself.  Director Jeff Burr is a dab hand at sequels (Puppert Master 4 & 5, Stepfather II and Leatherface) and has produced here a fun horror movie with plenty of blood and a nice decapitation.

It’s not that scary apart from some of the tragic early 90’s haircuts (J. Trevor Edmund has an extremely offensive floppy barnet and Roger Clinton permed mullet is just tragic) but it’s very entertaining in a bad way and doesn’t outstay it’s welcome.

  • Starring Ami Dolenz  Andrew Robinson  Steve Kanaly  J. Trevor Edmund
  • Director Jeff Burr
  • Distributor 101 Films