Bloodsucking Freaks aka The Incredible Torture Show

Sardu is the creepy master of a private S&M/torture side show attended by a select few.  He is assisted with his seedy goings-on with a midget assistant Ralphus who has possibly one of the best hairstyles of the 70’s.

When his show which actually features real acts is criticised Sardu decides to try and make it all a bit more ‘classy’.  He kidnaps a dancer and soon her boyfriend and a dodgy cop are on their case.  Sardu being a rather resourceful chap keeps a dungeon of his kidnap victims which he humiliates with Ralphus in order to break them down, so the crazy fella never runs low on his show’s participants.

There is lots of unpleasant stuff in this movie including beheadings, thumb screws and a rather gross sucking of brains through a tube.  Its all rather stupid and amateurish 30 odd years later, but you can’t not ‘enjoy’ their antics in a twisted way if pointless on camera slaughter is your bag.

It has been called one of the most controversial films of all time.  Whilst there is no doubt that the film is highly offensive to some people, it is totally over the top and incredibly camp.  It’s not really my cup of tea so to me it’s a ‘Marmite’ movie you either like it or hate it.

  • Starring Seamus O’Brien  Niles McMaster  Louis de Jesus
  • Director Joel M. Reed
  • Distributor 88 Films