The city is awash by bad guys and the ‘Supers’ are the ones that take out the trash.  ‘Supers’ meaning masked heroes, two of them Sparks and Lady are an item, but that goes pear-shaped one fateful evening.
Years earlier, a meteorite struck a small town killing residents and thus creating mutants, unfortunately one of these was a twisted serial killer who will cross paths with our hero years later.  Our main hero Sparks is an orphan who was brought up by his Grandmother after his parents perished in a car accident and believe me its one hell of an accident.
The film is based the comic book of the same name and is made with a combination of live action and  CGI created scenery rather like Sin City.  It’s well made and the picture and sound on the blu-ray is excellent however it didn’t do anything for me I’m afraid. Others and there are many like it and have raved about it online, I myself thought it was all style and no substance.  Sorry I can’t recommend this bad boy at all, but make your own mind up you may love it.
  • Starring Clancy Brown  Ashley Bell  Chase Williams
  • Directors Todd Burrows  Christopher Folino
  • Distributor Image Entertainment