Royal Rumble 2014

Another year, another rumble and with this being the official start to the ‘Road to Wrestlemania’ all eyes were on the WWE to put on a great show.  Unfortunately this PPV will be remembered for a lot of negatives and some great positives. 
The positives being the continued development of a certain Roman Reigns into a main event player with 12 eliminations beating Kane’s decade old record.  An excellent starter match with Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan with both of them proving they are and MUST be main eventers going forward.  The actual rumble event was exciting and well put together.  Again, we had a superb moment from Kofi Kingston and some great individual performances.  Now on to the bad…
The main event between Cena and Orton (yawn!!) was booed almost from the word go and in my opinion it wasn’t the two wrestlers fault.  Sure the match wasn’t that great to begin with but they did put on a good performance considering the crowd were poisonous to them from the virtual get-go.  The eventual winner of the Rumble was booed so bad, it must have shook the foundations of Titan Towers, considering how much it must have cost to bring him back.  The crowd then went berzerk at the end when a certain DB didn’t materialise.
Don’t even get me started on the appalling booking of Brock and Big Show, lets just say it was an easy payday for Brock that night.
The extras include the kick off show where Cody and Goldust defended their Tag Team Championship against the New Age OAPs, sorry Outlaws and other bits ‘n’ pieces.  It was a good card considering all of the above and I recommend purchasing it whole heartily.
A couple of final points, after another sterling performance, its a shame this could be the last time we see CM Punk in a WWE ring as of time of writing he’s gone.  Also, maybe it just dirt sheet conspiracies or internet nonsense but if this PPV made management sit up and take notice of the same  BS being forced down our throats it can be nothing but a good thing.  Yes! Yes! Yes!
  • Starring Goldust  CM Punk  Kevin Nash  John Cena
  • Distributor WWE/Fremantle