The Social Redroom is the biggest social network site in the world (think Facebook) it has millions of users who post their statuses, videos and thoughts every minute of the day.  Sam gets dumped by her boyfriend over the site, so she decides to go to a some friends’ New Years Party.  Everything seems fine until news starts filtering over the web and then television news channels of a weird outbreak where people are going insane.

It all starts with bleeding from the nose and ears, than hallucinations, finally the individual concerned goes berzerk and attacks anyone near them.  One of the party goers starts to bleed then it becomes a survival game to make sure no one else turns and why are they turning?

Antisocial is steeped in pretty darn good suspense and paranoia.  It has likeable characters and good production values.  The SFX is used sparingly and to good effect.  It has a nice sound mix with creepy effects being used in the surrounds.  All in all one of the best independent horror films I’ve seen in quite some time with a couple of splashes of black humour thrown in as well.  A big well done to everyone involved.

  • Starring Michelle Mylett  Adam Christie  Cody Ray Thompson 
  • Director Cody Calahan
  • Distributor Monster Pictures