Ultimate Warrior – The Ultimate Collection

Although he has been away from the sport for almost twenty years, fans of that era will never quite forget the intense face painted guy who ran to the ring and shook the ropes violently before his match.  The Ultimate Warrior was born Jim Hellwig and started his career alongside a gentleman called Steve Borden who would become Sting, they soon parted ways and the Dingo Warrior was born.  Now with a name like that, you perhaps won’t go far so ‘The Ultimate Warrior’ was born and he quickly became a fan favourite, IC Champion (The Honky Tonk Man Squash Match) and World Champion in the then WWF.
Lots of differently things happened in the latter stage of his career which are heavily documented in all kinds of media including a hatchet job DVD from WWE themselves.  I won’t go into all the shenanigans because this release celebrates his matches and they do so in a very lengthy fashion which is not only historic but in my opinion fascinating.  Lots of people over the years have critcised Warrior and sure he’s not Ric Flair but he is possibly one of the best characters ever in wrestling.  You can not resist falling in love with this face painted excitable almost-lunatic character who was ALWAYS entertaining to watch in particular his bonkers promos. My Nan watched wrestling from an early age through the World of Sport on Saturday afternoons and finally American wrestling when it first appeared on SKY and she loved the Warrior.  
The DVD has plenty of matches all bookended with insight from Warrior himself looking almighty relaxed in a very cool living room with a great Warrior painting on the wall.  As fans of wrestling know bridges have been rebuilt between him and WWE, with this DVD set being the first of I hope many more ventures between the two.  
As Warrior actually says this is only the beginning of the story and like I said mentioned above I can’t wait for more stuff to come from the archives. Yes, before you say anything I do love the guy and this collection is like a dream, so please excuse the incredibly biased review.  The Ultimate Purchase, you could say.
  • Starring Warrior  Hulk Hogan  The Honky Tonk Man  Curt Hennig
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle