WWE TLC 2013

First the bad, another rubbishy cover from WWE although Mr. McMahon is on it so I’ll let this one slide.  Now the good, TLC was a pretty good PPV and a bit of an improvement over recent events.  We had a title fight with Cena and Orton which wasn’t bad, but it was historic as it ties the two heavyweight titles up finally.
Punk and Daniel Bryan (the best workers) continued to be stitched up by The Authority and their two matches were handicapped affairs with the Wyatt Family and The Shield.  The Wyatts continue to be pushed and rightly so.  Mike Rotundo’s son is finally laying the ghost of Husky Harris to rest and showing he is a class act.  Big E. also defended his IC Championship against Damien Sandow. Other matches include a 4 way elimination Tag Team Championship, Miz vs. Kofi and a half decent Divas bout considering it was the only real Divas with any talent ring wise (AJ and Nattie) it was hardly surprising.
Extras wise, there are bits and pieces which include the internet kick off show between Ziggler (why?  he should always be on the main card!!) and Fandango.  
Worth picking up if only for the historic championship match between Orton and Cena.  Roll on the Rumble!!
  • Starring Fandango  Seth Rollins  Cody Rhodes  Luke Harper
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle