Lord of Illusions

With only three features and a couple of shorts, Clive Barker’s work on film isn’t as comprehensive as his wonderful writing, however with the small film resume quality is assured, even with pesky studio executives tampering with his edits and generally poking their oar in.
Private Detective Harry D’Amour (Scott Bakula) becomes entangled in the world of magic when he discovers the body of a shop owner named Quaid.  This leads hims into the world of Swann, a famous magician and his beautiful wife played by Famke Janssen. Swann was originally involved in a cult ran by a chap called Nix (a rather unpleasant fellow) along with Quaid and others.  To be honest if I was going to reveal anymore it would ruin a great film.
The film is packed with terrific imagery (Barker is a great painter) and good performances.  Bakula is no way like Sam from Quantum Leap in this picture and shows he is a fantastic actor.  All in all, good stuff and with Barker’s preferred Director’s cut including in the package this is quite an essential film to have on your shelf.  A film starring and made by adults for adults not teenagers.  
  • Starring Scott Bakula  Famke Janssen  Kevin J. O’Connor  
  • Director Clive Barker
  • Distributor 101 Films