Black Water Vampire

A team of film makers journey into the forest to make a documentary on a convicted serial killer is the plot of yet another bloody ‘found footage’ movie. To be honest I wasn’t looking forward too much to watching this as I am sick of the genre.  A few things perked me up straight away, one there is actually a really good back story and secondly the appearance of character actor Bill Oberst Jr.

Local Hillbilly Raymond Banks is on Death Row for a series of ritualistic murders but film maker Danielle Mason is convinced otherwise.  With her producer, sound guy and cameraman they investigate ‘The Black Water Killings’.  They shouldn’t have as they will soon regret it.

For the first part of the film there are locals interviewed and then the trek into the woods.  As night falls, weird noises start and strange symbols appear on the trees.  The next night it all kicks off and we get to find out who’s behind the killings and I wasn’t disappointed.

An interesting take on the ‘found footage’ genre as incidental music is added to the film’s final act and the pay-off at the end is great. Something different, thank god and I rather liked it although it does owe a lot to ‘Blair Witch’.

  • Starring Bill Oberst Jr.  Danielle Lozeau  Andrea Monier  Robin Steffen  
  • Director Evan Tramel
  • Distibutor Image Entertainment