The Stuff

Discovered and then marketed as the ultimate substitute to ice cream, ‘The Stuff’ becomes wildly addictive to the eaters and then turns them into a zombie like stasis.  Mo Rutherford is hired by the ice cream people to find out where it all comes from.  It turns out it’s actually alive and as mentioned above consumes you from within.

Larry Cohen is a film maker, I have long admired.  He in my opinion always makes interesting films, I personally really love his unrelated ‘Salems Lot sequel, Q The Winged Serpent and obviously the It’s Alive films.  The Stuff, his mid 80’s horror film is a very clever piece of cinema with a great lead in Michael Moriarty along with the icky substance that is the ‘Stuff’.

It’s all a bit barking mad, but it has a nice acidic comedic touch running throughout and although its not to everyone’s taste (pun intended) there are lots of gross out moments and silly bits featuring the white liquid.  Arrow have done a grand job restoring and cleaning it up,  I highly recommend it.

  • Starring Michael Moriaty  Paul Sorvino  Scott Bloom
  • Director Larry Cohen
  • Distributor Arrow