Bad Channels

From the archives of Charlie Band and his Full Moon Studio, comes this crazy offering from the director of the brilliant Subspecies series and one of my guilty pleasures, Terrorvision.
When an alien comes to earth with the intention of capturing females to put in tubes you know you’re in for a movie that doesn’t take itself seriously.  Bad Channels has got just about everything you would want in a B movie.  It’s got aliens, rock music, babes, special effects and a love for the genre from Ted Nicolau a director who I reckon is very under rated and has made some bloody good stuff over the years from kids films to vampire flicks.
With a kick ass soundtrack from Blue Oyster Cult, Bad Channels is dopey fun and well worth checking out.  Also it’s been semi-sequelised (is that a word?) by Dollman Vs. Demonic Toys.  one of the shrunken girls hooks up with Tim Thomerson’s Dollman and takes on the Demonic Toys with help of Tracy Scoggins.  That’s also a laugh as well.
It may have ‘Bad’ in the title. but this film certainly isn’t that.
  • Starring Aaron Lustig  Martha Quinn  Robert Factor
  • Director Ted Nicolau
  • Distributor 88 Films