Featuring a young Seth Green and Megan Ward, Arcade is a thriller from director Albert  Pyun who I worship because he directed Dollman and also the incredibly bad Brainsmasher with Andrew Dice Clay (dig that one out – my copy came from Poundland).
Youngsters are disappearing into the world of ‘Arcade’ as the home version features the DNA of a dead boy put there by the makers of the game.  Hence lots of 90’s fashions (Megan Ward was seriously easy on the eyes) and some at the time pretty good effects. Although now the CGI looks quaint, but don’t that let it put you off.
I rather liked Arcade back in the day and it’s still a good ‘un.  Oh yes, John ‘Q’ de Lancie pops up and he’s always watchable.  Pop it on your shelf next to the likes of Tron and Brainscan.
A terrific little time waster.
  • Starring Megan Ward  AJ Langer  John de Lancie  Seth Green
  • Director Albert Pyun
  • Distributor 88 Films