Led by two friends (Matt and Paul) a bunch of paranormal investigators aren’t having much luck finding proof of the afterlife.  Matt’s girlfriend Jamie puts up with his ghost hunting as she loves him, but things take a turn for the worst when they get a call from a young family experiencing what looks like a real haunting.
Finding again no proof, Matt gets angry and screams abuse at the ‘spirits’ but when they leave something follows Matt home.  Jamie experiences the hauntings first by kitchen items moving around on their own and then she gets ‘attacked’ by one of the ghosts.
Provoked is an entertaining paranormal thriller, it has two nice central performances from Chris O’Reilly (Matt) and Nicole LaSala (Jamie) and some inspired direction from first timer Jordan Pacheco who is a make up guy and has made some short films.  I rather liked the sound design which is creepy and put together well.  It’s not ghostly goings-on non stop, it lets the story play out naturally and any film with the original Michael Myers (Tony Moran) popping up for a cameo gets my vote every time.
A nice pleasant change for a ghost story and not another ‘found footage’ abomination.  Well worth checking out, I rather enjoyed it.
  • Starring Nicole LaSala  Tony Moran  Chris O’Reilly
  • Director Jordan Pacheco
  • Distributor Full Moon Streaming