Robot Wars

After the war, the world is seperated into regions.  General Wa-Lee from the Asian region comes to what was America in a good will visit after an invite from the annoying Chief Rooney.  Rooney’s pain in his side is hot shot Captain Drake who pilots the last ever remaining mega robot on its vacation missions.
When some bad guys get offed by Drake, Rooney grounds him but it all goes pear shaped when the robot is hijacked and Rooney reluctantly needs Drake to save the day.  Helping Drake is his co-pilot Stumpy and a doctor who gets tangled up in the events after nosing around.
Robot Wars is entertaining well made early 90’s sci-fi hokum and at just over an hour doesn’t outstay it’s welcome. It also has some great stop motion motion effects from the legendary David Allen.   Besides any film in which Barbara Crampton comes out of a shower with just a towel on (even though its a PG) gets my vote every time.
  • Starring Don Michael Paul  Barbara Crampton  James Staley
  • Director Albert Band
  • Distributor 88 Films