Banshee Chapter

In the 1960’s and 70’s  the United States government experimented on some of a citizens with a drug which ended in terrible circumstances.  A journalist is determined to find out what happened to her best friend from college when he took the alleged substance which he got his room mate to film on their camcorder.  He soon disappeared and was never heard of again.

The journalist Anne tracks down an old hippy writer who may or may not hold the key to the drug’s secrets and they both set out to track down her friend and the places where the drug was adminstrated to it’s subjects.

The drug opens up doorways it shouldn’t and the pair are subjected to a living nightmare.  It doesn’t help that the low range frequencies of radio seems to spread the evil around.

Banshee Chapter is a clever horror thriller with two very good central performances from Sleepy Hollow’s Katia Winter (complete with a rather fetching vest top) and Buffalo Bill himself, Ted Levine.  When it first started with some ‘found footage/security camera video’ I thought oh no not another Paranormal Activity rip off, but I was very wrong.  Banshee Chapter is unnerving stuff and should be watched with the lights off, highly recommended.

  • Starring Katia Winter  Michael McMillian  Ted Levine
  • Director Blair Erickson
  • Distributor 101 Films