The Tenant aka The Cottage

The Carpenters are a young family who rent out their cottage on their property to make some extra money.  The new tenant unfortunately is involved in a car accident and is unable to honour her agreement.  Enter Robert Mars who answers their advert for a new tenant.  Robert seems charming and is a writer of romance novels by trade.

However, all is not what it seems.  Robert starts off with off the cuff remarks about the teenage daughters, menacing a family friend and swimming naked in the pool.  His true intentions become apparent and then he gets nasty.

The Tenant is one of those films that isn’t bad, but not great.  It does have a bonkers leading performance fom David Arquette as Robert and at times is quite tense.  It does suffer a little from a TV movie’esque feel but has a fair bit of stabbing violence and swearing thrown in.

Not amazing, but not too bad at all and as I said Arquette seems to be really enjoying himself playing the psycho.

  • Starring Kristen Dalton  David Arquette  Victor Browne
  • Director Chris Jaynes
  • Distributor 101 Films