Survivor Series 2013

One of WWE’s ‘big four PPV’s’ made its return in November 2013 with a couple of Championship matches and the continued well deserved push of The Wyatt Family.

John Cena fought Albert Del Rio and Randy Orton took on Big Show for his WWE belt in two passable championship matches.  CM Punk and Daniel Bryan match against The Wyatts was not bad but best part of the night in my opinion was Rey Mysterio’s return in a traditional 5 on 5 survivor Series match.  Its nice to see Rey back, he’s not at his best, age and injuries have taken their toll but I could watch the little fella all night.  The Diva’s elimation match was a waste of time, only good thing was seeing Nattie Neidhart (who is incredibly wasted) and psycho AJ Lee who I adore.  AJ is the best thing in women’s wrestling since Awesome Kong.  She is great on the mic and fun in the ring.  Phil is a lucky man!!  Also, there was a IC match between Big E. and Curtis Axel and Mark Henry took on Goldb…. Ryback.

I didn’t think this PPV wasn’t that great.  It wasn’t dreadful but just rather bland.  I personally reckon the PPV should have traditional Survivor Series matches only and maybe a title match.  Hopefully it will be better this November.

  • Starring AJ Lee  CM Punk  Big Show  Michael Cole
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle