Back in the early seventies, Husband and wife film making team Roberta and Michael Findlay made a sleazy hells angels biker pic called Slaughter.  The film to be honest wasn’t that great and it sat on the shelf for a few years.  Enter Allan Shackleton, a distributor with a great idea.  Shoot a new ending and make out that one of the film’s actresses gets murdered on camera in gory detail.
Amazingly, some of the American public thought it was real and there was all sorts of protests outside cinemas showing the film.  It was banned in some countries and it made a fair chunk of money.  Honestly, the ‘real film – Slaughter’ is actually tacky as hell and quite enjoyable, the ‘real’ killing at the end is gross and well done in a cheap seventies make-up kind of way.

Easily one of cinema’s most controversial and notorious titles, Snuff is a film that has to be seen for you to form an opinion of it.  I saw it years ago and thought it was utter crap, however watching it again I found it rather splendid and with all these sexy extras from Blue Underground it’s a nice rounded film experience.

  • Starring Unknown Actors from South America, where life is cheap
  • Directors Michael Findlay  Simon Nuchtern  Horacio Fredriksson
  • Distributor Blue Underground