Alice, Sweet Alice

Now here’s a film that seems to have disappeared from view for quite some time and 88 Films in their utmost wisdom have got it through uncut for the first time in the UK.

Made in the mid 1970’s and re-released later to cash in on Brooke Shields’ rise to stardom (she has a small but essential role here) it’s one of those Catholic horror thrillers that were made in abundance after The Exorcist.

The film still has an impact today with the topic of killer kids, scary masks and religious overtones (Catholics probably still wouldn’t like it).  The print used is a bit scratchy and seems to me a little washed out. It doesn’t distract you however from the fact that this is a damn good film, well acted and most of all pretty brave and a bit disturbing.  I must say I knew very little of the film apart from the original poster (google it).  It’s a nice time filler, not one of my favourites but certainly worth the effort and the opening murder is horrible.

  • Starring Linda Miller  Mildred Clinton  Paula E. Sheppard
  • Director Alfred Sole
  • Distributor 88 Films