Father James is a Catholic Priest with a faith issue.  One of his flock Claire kills herself, in which he takes badly and goes on a leave of absence.  During that time the young girl Claire’s Stepfather does the same by hanging.  James returns to his Parish after six months and is a troubled man.  His best friend, Will who is also a priest is concerned and when James goes to the scene of Claire’s death, strange things start to happen.
It all seems that James is being either tested or tormented by a higher force and he slowly begins to question his sanity. Heretic is an unusual beast, in one way a ghost/possession type flick and the other, a total mind f**k!!  I really quite enjoyed it and liked how I got lost along in the picture along with the central character.  At times I had no idea what was going on and for that I commend the film makers.
The film has a brilliant leading performance from an actor I am unfamilar with, Andrew Squires.  He is very good as troubled soul, Father James and I hope we see lots more of him in the future.  I must also gives a thumbs up to the sound designers with it’s crazy weird noises which work effectively and also the grating church organ/piano type score which did my head in, but liked at the same time.
A very interesting film and a bit disturbing with it’s suicide and mortal sin themes.
  • Starring Andrew Squires  Jennifer Nelson  Jodie McEnery
  • Director Peter Handford
  • Distributor 101 Films