Battleground 2013

Battleground was a new PPV for WWE and in my opinion a pretty cool name.  Would it live up to that name is the question asked?  Well a fair bit and thank the maker that someone, somewhere decided to start doing decent covers again. 

We have another chapter in the Orton/Bryan saga after Triple H declared the title vacant after Bryan’s alleged shenanigans with a referee.  The match wasn’t too bad, I must say though Bryan does bring the best out of Orton who can be rather boring and monotonous when faced with someone who isn’t that great.  RVD took on Alberto Del Rio for the World Championship in a hardcore match, which for two older guys was quite a good ‘un.  Another pointless Divas match featuring AJ and Brie Bella was on the card (I skipped past this one, sorry)  AJ is so much better when facing someone like Nattie Neidhart.  The Rhodes Family career match was my personal highlight as I have always loved Goldust and Cody is a real talent.  I just wish the hierarchy would give him a massive singles push again instead of wasting time on undeserving talent.  Ron Killings (R Truth) got a rare PPV outing against Curtis Axel and also we saw Kofi take on Bray Wyatt.  Punk again fought Ryback in a rather predictable affair.

Worst match of the night went to Santino and Khali versus The Real Americans.  I rather like Santino a lot, he is a skilled wrestler and a funny bloke but with Khali is a waste of time. However for cheap laughs they should bring back the whistling pipe for his cobra.  Jack and Antonio deserve excellent opponents not a comedy act.

As per usual plenty of bits and pieces on the extras and some blu-ray exclusives as per the norm.  Battleground was a OK PPV not one of the year’s best, but entertaining all the same.  With a name like Battleground why not resurrect the War Games from WCW, now that would be amazing!!

Starring  Curtis Axel  R Truth  Bray Wyatt  Cody Rhodes
Distributor  WWE / Fremantle