Battle of the Damned

A man made virus has crippled a major city in Asia and the CEO of the company responsible for it hires mercenary Major Max Gatling (Dolph Lundgren) to track down his daughter who is trapped in the city.

Max unfortunately is left on his own after his squadron is wiped our by the ‘zombies’ and finds the CEO’s daughter Jude scavenging for provisions.  Jude is holed up with some fellow survivors with questionable acting skills.  Soon it’s a battle for survival as the city is due to be burnt to the ground and Max and the band of survivors must get underground.

What could have been a Resident Evil rip-off is given a nice twist as halfway through the film, when some robots turn up looking like relatives of Cylons.  The humans and robots team up and kick some undead ass.  Battle of the Damned is a fun B movie, pure and simple.  I would have cut out some of the boring chit chat but Mr Lundgren is here to save the day.  Sure he’s getting on a bit, but this is He Man and Ivan Drago, the man is a legend!!

  • Starring Dolph Lundgren  Melanie Zanetti  Matt Doran  David Field
  • Director Christopher Hatton
  • Distributor Entertainment One