Big Ass Spider!

This film surely has one of the greatest titles in the history of cinema and it does live up to his hype as it really does feature one big ass spider.

Alex is a pest exterminator, whilst getting a wound treated at his local hospital, he talks his way into getting rid of their ‘spider’ which has just bit the morgue attendant.  Suffice to say, this isn’t your normal run of the mill spider but a big scary one with a tendency to shoot stuff into people’s faces and kill them.  The military as per normal are responsible and they turn up with the immortal Ray (Twin Peaks) Wise in charge.  It seems an experiment with Martian material has been screwed up and an innocent little spider has become a huge man eater with super sticky web.

Alex with his new best bud, Jose (Lombardo Boyar stealing the entire film) has to save the day and get the girl (Buffy’s Clare Kramer).  Sprinkled with great performances and cameos (Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman and Lin Shaye) the film doesn’t take itself seriously and has a witty script and assured direction from Mike Mendez.

It is all incredibly stupid and such good fun, I immediately fell in love with it.  Possibly comparable in tone to Eight Legged Freaks but as Big Creature Features go, Mendez has out-Asylumed The Asylum and that is a pretty mean feat.

Terrific preposterous entertainment.

  • Starring Greg Grunberg  Ray Wise  Clare Kramer  Lombardo Boyar 
  • Directed by Mike Mendez
  • Distributor Studio Canal