Full Moon Streaming

With the recent demise of Blockbuster here in the UK and the video store dying a death in the US, things aren’t as bad as it may seem.  With the established medium of fast internet, we can now get our films from all kinds of places, YouTube, Netflix, Love Film and various catch up facilities.  Enter a new player into the game, Charles Band’s Full Moon Streaming.

Genre fans will know Full Moon from their various Puppet Master films, the Subspecies series and all kinds of crazy pictures like The Gingerdead Man and Evil Bong.  Full Moon was born from the relics of the old Empire Pictures (great book about Empire coming soon from Hemlock) and for us older fans put together some major classics of the genre, Castle Freak immediately springs to mind.  Now Mr. Band has brought together many of his Full Moon (new and old) epics and combined them with some dusty old Grindhouse classics, exclusive trailer compilations, the Moonbeam kids films as well as countless other goodies and formed his own streaming service.  Old farts like myself will remember some of the old Wizard Video releases back in the heyday of video, now Wizard is being resurrected for film makers to showcase their own work and perhaps even get a DVD release.  This is a massive step to showcase untapped talent so who knows what the future (and the Wizard will bring us).  These films will premiere regularly on the service.

There’s new releases every week, competitions, regular vidcasts from the man himself, lots of promotions and most importantly the quality of the streaming is good.  What is the price of this you may ask?  Well it’s only $6.99 a month which works out as a few quid  There are always deals going on with 6/12 month specials including free DVD’s.  You never know what will be happening next so keep an eye on the site.

Full Moon Streaming is right up my street and it should be yours too, there are some real gems to watch and some that are so bad they’re great.  How can you go wrong with the people who brought us Jack Deth, Demonic Toys and the twisted old bastard Radu?

  • Starring Tim Thomerson  Tracy Scoggins  Anders Hove  Christopher Lee
  • Directors  Albert Pyun  William Butler  Scott Spiegel and many more