A lot of people have heard of Deep Throat, the first and really only porn film to hit the mainstream.  Now the story of that film has been told brilliantly in a HBO documentary a few years ago, but now we have the story of the young lady famous for the act where the film got it’s name from.

Linda was your typical teenager but fell pregnant at an early age, her strict parents moved her away and the baby was given up for adoption.  Enter Chuck Traynor, who Linda soon falls for and then marries.  Now Chuck wasn’t a nice fella and started to abuse Linda pretty much early into the relationship.  Of course it’s well documented Chuck knew some unsavoury types and soon Linda was making entertainment of an adult variety.

As I said above, Deep Throat became the Star Wars of porn and Linda was a household name in America.  Her troubles with Chuck got worse and worse, finally she left him and got out of the industry forever.  Eventually finding love again, she started a family and campaigned for women’s rights.


Lovelace is a well written, directed and acted picture.  Amanda Seyfried known for Mamma Mia and other fluffy roles is awesome.  She is brave with the nudity and it’s a real departure for her, so a big well done.  Peter Sarsgaard is an evil sleazy bastard as Traynor and you immediately hate him within seconds of his screen introduction, his acting is truly magnificent.  Thankfully a lot of the more shocking aspects of Lovelace’s story have been left out (if you want to know more Google her or buy her book) and what we are left with is an effective well made drama.  Sure the background (i.e. porn) isn’t to everyone’s tastes but if you pass it by, you are missing a pretty damn good film with great attention given to it’s period setting.

  • Starring Amanda Seyfried  Peter Saarsgaard  James Franco  Sharon Stone
  • Directors Rob Epstein  Jeffrey Friedman  
  • Distributor Lionsgate