Trancers: City of Lost Angels

Filmed as part of the unreleased ‘Pulse Pounders’ anthology film, this Trancers sequel has sat in the archives for decades and now sees a release, cleaned up to the best they can by the clever tech guys at Full Moon.
Jack Deth (the immortal Tim Thomerson)is having some marriage issues with Lena (Helen Hunt) and is soon paid a visit by my his old Boss McNulty (in the guise of the teenage girl from the first movie) and is informed one of Jack’s old enemies is out for him after ‘travelling down the line’.  Soon Jack gets caught up with  sexy ‘dame’ with problems and his nemesis turns up for a big fight at the end.
City of Lost Angels was never released until now and the continuity of this was ignored and a Trancers sequel (i.e. feature length) was made with Richard Lynch and his Green World being the main villain.  Also the incredibly beautiful Megan Ward turned as Jack’s dead wife (it’s a time travel movie after all).
Although short (30 mins or so) it’s great we finally get to see it.  Sure the villain’s a bit lame but it is Jack Deth after all and we should be all thankful.  Need I say more?
  • Starring Tim Thomerson  Helen Hunt  Art LaFleur
  • Director Charles Band
  • Distributor Full Moon Features