Big Trouble in Little China

Jack Burton is a trucker and after winning a bet with his friend Wang, they travel to the airport to pick up Wang’s fiancée.  Unfortunately she is kidnapped by a street gang, Jack and Wang follow them to a Chinatown backstreet and get mixed up with local gang warfare.  It is bad enough getting stuck in that but they are greeted by three flying dudes in straw hats and the evil David Lo Pan played by veteran James Hong.

Assisted by local bus driver Egg Shen (Victor Wong stealing the entire film ) who is a good sorcerer and other helpful types they venture into Lo Pan’s underworld to rescue Wang’s girl.

Unfairly crucified at release and dumped on from a great height by it’s studio, Big Trouble is one of the silliest films Hollywood has ever made and is totally fantastic.  I’ve loved it since the Betamax days and this is a quality release from Arrow.  Please make some time to watch Carpenter and Russell’s interviews which are very insightful and dig that cool music from Carpenter in one of his many associations with Alan Howarth.

There should be a law made that everyone should own this film.  Thank you.

  • Starring Kurt Russell  Dennis Dun  Kim Cattrall  Kate Burton
  • Director John Carpenter
  • Distributor Arrow Video