Brick Bardo is the hardest cop on the planet Arturus and considering he is played by the guy (Tim Thomerson) who was Jack Deth in Trancers you know he won’t be taking no crap.  Whilst pursuing a bad guy, Brick is transported to Earth and becomes mixed up in local scumbag Braxton Red’s criminal activities.

Aided by a young Mum and her son, Brick has a slight problem.  On Earth he is only 13 inches tall, hence being known as the ‘Dollman’.  Size doesn’t stop him and aided with his futuristic weaponry Brick attempts to save the day.

Dollman is expertly directed on a small budget by veteran B movie helmer Albert Pyun who certainly knows how to squeeze every dollar onto the screen (he also made Cyborg with Van Damme).  Some of the effects look a bit cheesy but the whole cast lead by Thomerson and Jackie Earle Haley have a ball.

Full (Moon) marks to the film makers who have put together a film that a couple of decades on, still is frightfully entertaining.

  • Starring Tim Thomerson  Jackie Earle Haley  Kamala Lopez
  • Director Albert Pyun
  • Distributor 88 Films