Young Owen McBride lives in a caravan in the back yard of a pub owned by his late Father’s best friend.  As his Mother wasn’t a gypsy he is looked at as a ‘half breed’ by the gypsy community but wants in to their way of life.

Gypsy elder Blackberry played by the legendary David Essex takes him and gives him a job with his horses.  He make friends with a Mongol immigrant but after a series of mishaps where one gypsy is killed, Owen finds himself pursued by the police and local hardmen who want the gypsy land for development,

Traveller is a very well acted  film with an interesting script based on the novel of the same name.  What could have been a simple exploitation film featuring gypsies as the main characters, we actually get a rather moving at times thoughtful piece of cinema.  Billy Cook playing Owen is great and their are some good supporting performances. 

Not at all what I expected and because of that I rather enjoyed it.

  • Starring Billy Cook  David Essex  Kerrie Hayes
  • Director Benjamin Johns
  • Distributor Metrodome
  • At cinemas from 6th December 2013