Straight to the Top: The Money in the Bank Ladder Match Anthology

In what is possibly one of the WWE’s longest titles in their history, it is pretty obvious what their latest compilation is all about.

Starting as a ‘one-off’ at Wrestlemania 21, MITB grew into a must see attraction for the year’s biggest event.  It was the match that made Superstars and was often their first taste of World Championship/WWE Gold.  Introduced by The Miz, himself a winner and one to successfully cash in his briefcase, we see every MITB match right up to this year.

As we all know MITB has grown from a match into it’s own branded PPV with two matches deciding contracts for both the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships.  Watching through the matches you get to see today’s big stars in their younger years and in the case of Orton and Punk not so many tattoos.  Whilst watching I wished we still had the likes of John Morrison and Shelton Benjamin around as they were true geniuses in these matches.

Also, in the first MITB match a certain Canadian wrestler is in it. Unfortunately or fortunately (on how you view it) his entrance has been edited out as well as any mention of his name.  Whilst I can see where the WWE is coming from, I don’t personally agree with this hatchet job as it is wrestling history.

Apart from that, it’s another great compilation (and Blu-ray owners get even more) but if you have Wrestlemania DVD’s and MITB PPV’s it’s not that essential otherwise it’s a good buy.

  • Starring Kofi Kingston  Fit Finlay  Mr. Kennedy  Bobby Lashley
  • Distributor WWE / Fremantle