Usually cracking heads and generally looking cool, Snitch is a departure for one Dwayne Johnson and he does rather well.

Johnson plays John Matthews, a successful businessman whose wayward son makes the mistake of accepting some drugs from a friend in the mail.  Next thing he knows he’s in jail and John can do nothing as his son will not reveal any other dealers to lighten his jail term.  John strikes a deal with the powers at be and gets ‘introduced’ to the local drugs kingpin by one of his dodgy employees.

Unfortunately John is rather good at what he does and before long he falls in with a Mexican drug cartel.  If he can get some good arrests for the government his son walks free.


As I said above, The Rock does this ‘acting lark’ and he does it awfully well.  He’s backed up by a good supporting cast including Barry Pepper and Susan Sarandon.  Before you think he’s gone a bit soft there is some action and bloody well staged it is too.

A great film with a good story, simply an essential buy for fans of The Rock and I’m pretty sure it could convert non believers too.

  • Starring Dwayne Johnson  Jon Bernthal  Benjamin Bratt
  • Director Ric Roman Waugh
  • Distributor Entertainment One