Silent Night, Bloody Night: The Homecoming

The remake train continues to run along the track but with this time a difference.  Based on the 1974 horror of the same name (minus ‘The Homecoming’) this is a UK set slasher picture featuring an escaped mental patient killing people off to a Christmas setting.

The old Butler house has been empty since 1987 and now his Grandson arrives with intentions to sell up.  Someone isn’t happy about this and complete with Darkman lookalike bandages starts the slaying.

Christmas horror films to me sometimes work and sometimes don’t.  This one sits smack in the middle I’m afraid.  It didn’t do anything to me.  Sure, it was nice and violent and features possibly the longest suffocation scene in cinema history but I found it cheap and amateurish at times in particular some of the forced woeful acting.  Some of you may like it, but for me I’m going to watch the original Black Christmas.

  • Starring Alan Humphreys  Adrienne King  Melanie Stevens
  • Director James Plumb
  • Distributor 101 Films