Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Movie Collection

Now here is a blast from the past, the first movie I remember was showing at cinemas in Florida on my first holiday there and thought I’d give it a go.  Great fun was my reaction and when it came out in the UK some time later it was butchered by the good people at the BBFC due to their stupid nunchaku rules.  Also, the older readers of this site will remember they were the HERO Turtles for a while due to a frankly barmy decision by the powers at be.  Good sense prevailed and the film finally was released uncut a few years ago.

Golden Harvest (responsible for so many great Martial arts films including ones starring a certain Bruce Lee) picked up the rights for the successful comic series and set about making the movie.  The first film introduces the Turtles and their mentor Splinter.  It covers their battle with the evil Shredder and his infamous foot clan.  Featuring terrific effects from the Jim Henson Company, the film was a smash hit worldwide and so a sequel beckoned.

The Secret of the Ooze features the return of Shredder in shenanigans involving toxic waste and the creation of some new henchmen.  I found this one quite poor due to the dumbing down of the characters as all they seemed to do was punch and kick.  I also missed Elias Koteas as Casey.

The Third film, Turtles in Time tells how April gets transported back in feudal Japan and the Turtles have to rescue her.  This one is saved by the return of Elias Koteas but still isn’t up to the standards of the first picture although it is a lot of fun with some laughs.

All in all it’s a great value package with three entertaining films in their own ways and it will keep the kids happy for more than a few hours.

  • Starring Elias Koteas  Paige Turco  Kevin Clash  Judith Hoag
  • Directors Steve Barron  Michael Pressman  Stuart Gillard
  • Distributor Medium Rare