After various releases over the years (hands up who can remember the ‘Intervision’ release?  The George Romero/Stephen King classic finally hits blu-ray in a packed special edition from Second Sight with commentaries, documentary, Tom Savini stuff, trailers and deleted scenes.

Young Billy loves his comic books but his old man doesn’t and lets him know about it, of course later on his Dad gets his just desserts but not before we are treated to five creepy stories starring a simply brilliant cast including genre favourites Adrienne Barbeau, Hal Holbrook and a pre Frank Drebin Leslie Nielsen.  Some of the stories are a little dated but it’s a great horror movie with some icky moments and some laughs.

Well worth getting if it’s not in your collection, the extras are great so perhaps trade in your old DVD and get the brand new spanking blu-ray to pop on your shelf.

When you’re at it, if you haven’t got the second Creepshow get that as well (it’s mega cheap now) but stay away from part 3, it’s a cinematic travesty.

  • Starring Leslie Nielson  Ed Harris  Stephen King  Ted Danson
  • Director George A. Romero
  • Distributor Second Sight