Triple H – Thy Kingdom Come

Now with a certain Paul Levesque taking a break from active in-ring competition, it seems only fair that the WWE video people give him a fitting tribute DVD package.  Now playing the evil corporate boss (channelling his Father in Law very well) this 3 disc set (2 blu-rays) looks back at his career from day one.

Starting off with his pre wrestling life, the story shifts from his training to his run in WCW as Terra Ryzing (great name) to Jean Paul Levesque.  Jumping ship to the then WWF Levesque soon showed that he had bags of charisma and a great work ethic.  The documentary could have easily been a showy back slapping piece but credit to the makers, it covers controversial stuff such as The Clique, breaking keyfabe and even mentioning Chyna.  There’s also plenty on his home life with his kids and his wife Stephanie McMahon.  What I thought was cool is that it didn’t gloss over their relationship, you saw their wedding and stories about how they got together.

Also, there’s behind the scenes footage at FCW/NXT, television production and (thankfully) briefly the two dreadful WWE films he made – sorry Hunter I preferred you in Blade.  New and old wrestlers say their piece and all in all, an excellent documentary and one of their best to date.

As well as the doc there are some truly brilliant matches on offer including his Iron Man match with The Rock and a great World Title match with Rob Van Dam.  Even more stuff is thrown in on the Blu-ray so if you can get that one.

Another essential purchase from WWE and possibly even better than their Mid South disc. 

  • Starring William Regal  Dude Love  Jeff Hardy  Kevin Nash  Terry Taylor
  • Distributor WWE Home Video / Fremantle