The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill

There is an old derelict church just outside the village of Clophill in Bedfordshire with a sinister past.  That past is littered with sightings of spirits, strange goings-on and devil worshipping.  A documentary film crew decide to spend several days in Clophill interviewing witnesses and trying to catch a ghost on camera.

Whilst you could argue this is another bloody ‘found footage’ film, it’s one that is made with professionalism and has the look and feel of a television documentary.  The whole picture is shot like a feature length ‘Most Haunted’ with studio interviews of the crew cut together with the footage they shot.  The film gives you several chills throughout it’s running time and at times you actually don’t want nothing to happen, so the film crew will stay unharmed as you grow to actually like them.  In fact all the principal actors are likeable, there isn’t one of them you actually want harm to come to which is unusual in a horror film (usually I can’t wait for someone to bite the bullet).

An interesting, enjoyable piece of film making which I recommend to anyone who like their films of the supernatural kind.  My only criticism is the film is presented in a full scope ratio which I feel betrays it’s pseudo television feel, but hey that’s only my opinion.  I would have preferred it shot in the TV friendly 1:85 ratio.

  • Starring Craig Stovin  Criselda Cabitac  Kevin Gates
  • Director Michael Bartlett
  • Distributor Second Sight