All Superheroes Must Die aka Vs


Master villain Rickshaw played by legendary character actor James (The Warriors) Remar is a man who is pissed off.  Every evil plan he has is thwarted by Superheroes, so he decides to get his own back.  Four heroes wake up in unfamiliar surroundings and eventually meet up.  Rickshaw greets them on a TV and tells them they are going to play a game or people will die.  Being a right horrible bastard Rickshaw kills innocent people anyway so the heroes who have their own issues must reluctantly team up and stop him.

Writer/Director/Actor/Chief Bottle Washer Jason Trost has put together a film for just $20,000 and give the young lad his due has done well.  Obviously there are no massive set pieces with skyscrapers falling over, multiple explosions and flying spaceships but a small scale story which to be fair works a majority of the time. 

A lot of people might not like it as they want another Avengers or Man of Steel, but I found it alright, a bit cheap looking but rather engaging.  Not an essential purchase, but still worth checking out.  I reckon Trost is quite a talent, lets hope someone gives him a decent budget, sit back and watch what he can deliver.  Hopefully he can resurrect the cackling Uncle Sam from the film, what a twisted psycho he was!!

  • Starring Jason Trost  James Remar  Lucas Till
  • Director Jason Trost
  • Distributor Monster Pictures