Outpost 11

When this blu-ray turned up I thought to myself, Outpost 11?  Isn’t the third one out next year?  After my confusion disappeared, I realised this film had nothing to do with the Nazi Zombie series but a thriller set in the Artic wastelands.
In an alternate history timeline, the British have been fighting the Prussian Empire and three soldiers are hauled up in a outpost in the middle of nowhere.  The Commanding Officer spends most of his time shooting hares for supper, the young Private is just that, young and na├»ve and finally the old lifelong soldier spends his time sniffing drugs and playing with himself.
On a day like the rest, the security light starts flashing and all three men are curious as to why. The old boy then develops a gross blister on his hand and strange things are afoot in the reactor room.
Outpost 11 is a very well made claustrophobic thriller like nothing I have ever seen or likely to.  I really had a job getting my head around it and was incredibly curious to see where the film would lead me to.  It’s a very odd film and that’s makes it more enjoyable to watch.  I would imagine a lot of people would think it to be a load of old rubbish.  I on the other hand, like things a bit different and its certainly that.
  • Starring Billy Clarke  Joshua Mayes-Cooper  Luke Healey
  • Director Anthony Woodley
  • Distributor 101 Films