Frankenstein’s Army

Towards the end of World War II a group of Russian soldiers are on a reconnaissance mission before the Red Army push into Germany.  Followed by a documentarian for the communist regime they stumble upon a secret lab ran by the Grandson of the original Dr Frankenstein.  Now this Frankenstein is not your ‘nuts and bolts/bride’ type of chap but a twisted lunatic using spare body parts to make all kinds of strange creations. 

With the soldiers dropping like flies and becoming part of Frankenstein’s experiments, it’s up to the survivors to try and stop him.

Frankenstein’s Army is one barmy film.  Shot with ‘shaky cam’ and edited to look like a film complete with scratches I thought I was going have to sit through another crappy ‘found footage’ picture.  Thankfully its far from crap.  It is very sadistic whilst at the same time inventive, gross and packed with blood ‘n’ guts.  The film has got a bit of a Re-Animator vibe going on and some of Frank’s creations are really quite terrific.

A real pleasure to watch.

  • Starring Karel Roden  Joshua Sasse  Luke Newberry
  • Director Richard Raaphorst
  • Distributor Entertainment One