No One Lives

A  young couple are on the road and pull over to a motel for the night.  After unwinding, they decide to head to the local diner for a meal.  Whilst there they are hassled by the local scumbags and before they know it they are kidnapped and tied up.  The local gang earlier in the film had massacred a family whose house they were robbing so you know they aren’t all that nice.

Anyway, the kidnapped couple are not all what you see and after a tragic event, the nameless man of the couple played by Luke (Fast 6) Evans escapes and plots his revenge. 

No One Lives is an incredibly violent, bloody and fun joyride.  The performances from the entire cast are good and some of the set pieces are handled with a lot of style.  The chief scumbag Flynn is one of the those characters you can’t wait to die and his pay off is terrific.  In fact, No One Lives is my favourite slasher/body count horror film in years.  I wasn’t in the best of moods when I watched it, but almost from the beginning I sat there with a big smile on my face.

Totally fantastic and simply stunning horror entertainment.

  • Starring Luke Evans  Adelaide Clemens  Derek Magyar  Brodus Clay
  • Director Ryuhei Kitamura
  • Distributor Anchor Bay