Money in the Bank 2013

After a successful run as one of the spectacles of Wrestlemania, MITB now has it’s own PPV for the last few years and you are always guaranteed for a great ride.  Separated into two matches one for the WWE Championship and one for the World Heavyweight Championship so if you win it and use that contract wisely, you’re going to be a Champion. 

Backed up with a nice undercard featuring a Divas Championship match and a Ryback/Jericho encounter amongst others MITB was a good PPV overall.  The two main matches were eventful and have created some interesting storylines which at the time of writing were in full flow.

I particularly enjoyed the World Championship Ladder Match as it featured the younger Superstars such as Antonio Cesario, Cody Rhodes and in my opinion the best talker to emerge in a long time, Damien Sandow.  I love this guy but I do miss his cartwheels.  They were all hungry for that contract and I was very happy with it’s outcome. 

A nice little entry into the monthly PPV cycle of the WWE.  It’s got a groovy cover and some nice extras thrown into the mix as well.

“You’re Welcome!”

  • Starring Damien Sandow  Cody Rhodes  Fandango  Sheamus  Randy Orton
  • Distributor WWE Home Video / Fremantle