Mark is your typical 16 year old and has struck up a relationship with a ‘local’ girl online.  It becomes intense as she reveals certain things about her life and also the fact she has a rather scary boyfriend.  It turns our her brother is in Mark’s class at school and is the shy and retiring type.  Mark strikes up a friendship with him but then tragedy strikes.

The film is based on an actual true story from about ten years ago and the attention to detail in the film is pretty good (you can tell with the ‘old’ PC and operating system).  The two central characters are well drawn and very well acted by the two young leads and are backed by a selection of reliable British thespians including Joanne Froggatt and Mark Womack.

Overall, I found the film to be a very satisfying experience and a nice change from the usual carnage I watch.

  • Starring Jamie Blackley  Toby Regbo  Jaime Winstone
  • Director Andrew Douglas
  • Distributor Entertainment One