Legends of Mid South Wrestling

It is just typical of WWE.  With the Madison Square Garden DVD just released, we have another ‘oldies’ compilation hit the shelves this time from the long gone Mid South Promotion.  A while back the WWE acquired the film library from the promotion and have no doubt spent a lot of time going through the probably hundreds if not thousands of hours of footage.

The interview footage cut between the matches and stories come from some real legends of the sport, Magnum TA, Ted Dibiase, Ric Flair, Junkyard Dog, a pre Red Rooster Terry Taylor, Shawn Michaels and Jim Neidhart.  That is just the top of the iceberg, the matches are totally outstanding with them coming from all kinds of venues and the consistent thing is quality and I mean real WRESTLING quality.  I haven’t personally seen a lot of Mid South, only bits and pieces from documentaries and off the internet, thank the maker we now have this exhaustive set.

Bill Watts (with others) must be commended for building a real legacy with this promotion and I hope more stuff is released and damn soon.  Like I said above, Madison Square Garden was only released weeks ago and WWE have already topped it with this.  It is essential that all wrestling fans buy this and wouldn’t it be nice if we could have some of these guys crop up on some games.  Imagine Magnum TA or JYD kicking Cena’s ass.

Oh and let me be the first person to suggest a Mr Wrestling II DVD, I love this guy!!

  • Starring Michael PS Hayes  Bill Watts  Jim Ross  Butch Reed  Jake Roberts
  • Distributor WWE Home Video / Fremantle