The Best of WWE: At Madison Square Garden

Although the WWE has it’s headquarters in Connecticut, the spiritual home is Madison Square Garden, probably the most famous arena in the world.  I had the pleasure of actually seeing this impressive building first hand during a trip to New York.  Although I didn’t attend an event there, its easy to see why the WWE has such a glorious relationship with the place.  The first Wrestlemania was held there, Hulkamania was ‘born’ there and Mr McMahon getting his ass kicked by Stone Cold are amongst some events in it’s rich history.
Introduced by Matt Stiker (in one of his last jobs at WWE) we have the usual talking heads and then the matches concerned.  It is great to see the veterans on this compilation such as Bob Backlund and the Iron Sheik talking about their past.  Thankfully we all know a certain Bruno Sammartino and management made their peace so we get him chatting away.  This guy I could listen to for hours, so here’s hoping we get a Bruno release soon.
The list of matches and wrestlers are simply some of the best ever put to DVD.  There’s Harley Race, Randy Savage, Ken Patera, Rocky Johnson and Adrian Adonis amongst others.  The modern era is more than catered for, but its the old stuff I truly love.  Some of the footage is a bit dodgy or shall I say ‘vintage’ but its an essential slice of history and hours and hours of brilliant showmanship and wrestling.
  • Starring Honky Tonk Man  Bob Orton  Paul Orndorff  Mr Fuji
  • Distributor WWE Home Video / Fremantle