Olympus Has Fallen

When tragedy strikes with the President of the United States’ family, Secret Service agent  Mike Banning ‘retires’ to a desk job.  He then has to reconnect with his skills when terrorists take over the White House and hold the President and his staff hostage.

So begins what is easily the most enjoyable action picture for a very long time.  Gerard Butler plays a great ass kicking Secret Service guy and Aaron Eckhart is a suitably good all-round President,  Throw in the immortal Morgan Freeman for some ‘acting credibilty’ and director Antoine Fuqua has fashioned a film firmly set in the late 80’s/90’s school of film making.  Which means there is plenty of violence and bloody too.  Swearing, explosions, innocent people dying and most importantly good disposable bad guys are the order of the day here as well.

Some critics have thumbed their noses up at it, but they have missed the point.  Its a good old fashioned shoot-em-up and probably would have starred Arnie in his prime.

Brilliant violent entertainment.

  • Starring Gerard Butler  Morgan Freeman. Aaron Eckhart  Ashley Judd
  • Director Antoine Fuqua 
  • Distributor Lionsgate