WWE Payback 2013

Payback is a new PPV and was headlined by a main event with ‘Three Stages of Hell’ between John Cena and the man with a horrendous PPV losing record, Ryback.

To be fair, the main event was quite entertaining and had a pretty good finish which obviously I won’t reveal.  The Jericho vs. Punk match was excellent with a returning Punk (after his Wrestlemania loss to The Undertaker) showing why these two are probably some of the best wrestlers around.  Dolph Ziggler took on Alberto De Rio in what was a disappointing match in my eyes, but Del Rio finally showed his true heel self and came across cruel and sadistic.

Joe Hennig now known as Curtis Axel was crowned as IC Champion in a Triple Threat match and now has one hell of a legacy to live up to as his Dad, Mr Perfect was easily the best IC Champ ever.

The undercard is pretty stacked and I thought it was a darn good PPV overall.  There’s plenty on the disc (more on Blu-ray) with some retrospective features and some TV bouts.

  • Starring Daniel Bryan  AJ Lee  Wade Barrett
  • Distributor WWE Home Video / Fremantle