Little Deaths

As with the recent ABC’s of Death and V/H/S the anthology film has made a bit of a comeback.  V/H/S 2 is coming soon, but at the moment we are being treated a real find Little Deaths, a British based anthology with three stories with a loose central theme of sex and death.

The first story ‘House and Home’ is where a god fearing couple with a passion of picking young homeless girls off the street for their ‘love games’ get the tables turned on them somewhat.

The second story ‘Mutant Tool’ is a sci-fi’esque tale of Nazi experiments gone wrong with bizarre and very disburbing results.

Our final story ‘Bitch’ is the tale of a young lady who has a dog phobia and her boyfriend who she lets sleep in a kennel.

My favourite of the bunch is without doubt our final story which is so twisted and offensive, it’s wonderful.  One particular scene in ‘Bitch’ made my eyes water and the set up for the big pay off at the end is very, very well done.  In fact all three stories are equally twisted and unpleasant (in a very good way) and its a film for ADULTS ONLY.  This is no film pandering to the PG/12/15 crowd.  In fact some parts I’m surprised got past the BBFC, but good on them letting someone made by adults for adults get released.

Not everyone’s cup of tea but I found it unsettling and quite gross at times, so there’s my big thumbs up.

  • Starring Jason Maza  Daniel Brocklebank  Holly Lucas
  • Directors Sean Hogan  Andrew Parkinson  Simon Rumley
  • Distributor Monster Pictures